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Mark Gamble, is heading to the AGBO Stages again this weekend, alongside his usual co-driver, Steve Link, in the Suzuki Swift S1600, as a shakedown for the Manx National Rally in May.

The Pairing had a great outing on last year’s AGBO Stages, where they finished a very credible 8th Overall, and first Front Wheel drive. Read More »

Mark Gamble, and co driver; Steve Link are heading to Ludlow this weekend to compete on the Event Signs Woodpecker Stages, at the wheel of their new Subaru Impreza N11.

Off the back of the crew’s last great outing in the Swift, on the Mini Epynt stages, where they finished a brilliant 8th overall, they are ready and raring to go and to try out something different.

This will be the 4th different Subaru that Gamble has used on as many events. Having hired all the past cars, it has always been tricky to learn and get to grips with them each time. Read More »

Gamble Manx Nat16dMark Gamble & Co-Driver; Steve Link, are tackling the Welsh Marches Mini Epynt Stages this weekend, with the aim to get some more positive millage after their sad ending on their last outing in the Isle of Man.

The Suzuki Swift pair are heading into this event after some mixed fortunes in the Isle of Man. Having set some great pace early on, leading the National B Rally by 36 seconds, as well as setting multiple top 5 stage times, it ended with a very unfortunate retirement, holing the radiator early on in the 2nd leg, meaning it wasn’t worth risking damaging the engine, trying to get to the end of the stage with no water. Read More »

Gamble Manx Nat16aMark Gamble & Co-Driver; Steve Link, had an awesome run, until it came to an abrupt end, holing the radiator on the second stage of the Saturday leg.

The Suzuki Swift duo set a blistering pace from the word go, with an 8th fastest time through the Ramsey stage, only 0.2 seconds off Damian Cole in his Fiesta WRC. Read More »

Gamble AGBO16Mark Gamble & Steve Link are making their return to the Isle Of Man next weekend after 5 years away, having won the Suzuki Swift Sport Cup on their last visit.

The pairing will be tackling the Manx National Rally, starting in Douglas next Friday night, starting with 5 stages in the darkness, then continuing on through the Saturday, with a further 9 stages, finishing back at the Grandstand at 3:43pm. Read More »