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Mini Argentina13b‘Hello everyone, Tomo here again for the last time from Rally Argentina. Day Two started well with some great splits compared to Martin Prokop and local star Gabriel Pozzo. Michał started at a strong pace and had an advantage of nearly 24 seconds over both of them at the third split. However, disaster struck when Michał suffered suspension damage on the right side on his MINI John Cooper Works WRC. Unfortunately, it put him out of the rally due to irreparable damage. We are all bitterly disappointed, but we’ll soon shake it off as Greece isn’t too far away. Read More »

Mini Argentina13a‘Hello everyone – Tomo here again after a tough day at Rally Argentina.

‘This morning Michał started third on the road. The Start Selection process was interesting, because Novikov picked first on the road. Although that went against the trend for positions later down the Starting Order, he was concerned about rocks being pulled onto the stage and hoped for a clean run this morning. Read More »

‘Hello everyone, it’s Richard ‘Tomo’ Thompson here, the Motorsport Italia team engineer, writing to you before SSS1 of Rally Argentina kicks off later this afternoon.

‘After the Qualifying Stage this morning, Michał selected to start third on the road tomorrow. This isn’t an easy position, because there is the risk of road sweeping, but equally it might be to his advantage on the first loop to be on the stages before the roads are too worn.

‘Being a rally engineer it’s our responsibility to help the crews work out the best possible set-up for the stages. When possible, we inspect the route at the same time the crews write their pace notes. This helps us with tyre choice and set-up options. Read More »

‘Hello everyone, Bruno here, writing from Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina.

‘It’s full speed ahead for rally preparation because the event’s itinerary has changed this year to start on Wednesday and finish Saturday. The rally is over 400 kilometres this year and kicks off with a Super Special Stage here in the town on Wednesday night, before the first full stage Thursday morning. I think Saturday’ll be a tough day with 77.92 kilometres of rough Special Stages in total, but it ends on a high with the famous El Condor test as this year’s PowerStage. Read More »

Mini Portugal13c‘Hello everyone, Maciek here, writing to you for the last time from the Algarve. Today started well. On the morning loop our MINI John Cooper Works WRC felt a little soft – we were sensitive to every impact and the rough conditions of the Portuguese gravel. However, we didn’t have any major problems. Our main focus was on making sure our tyres didn’t overheat. Read More »

Mini Portugal13b‘Good evening everyone, Today wasn’t such a good day for Michał and me. On the opening stage of the day, SS6, the 31.12km Santana da Serra test, we climbed to seventh and were feeling very positive. We held this position throughout the next two stages before midday service and our feeling in the car was good. Read More »

Mini Portugal13a‘Hello everyone, All in all we had a strong Day One and are pleased to enter overnight parc fermé ninth overall.

‘Our aim was the Top 10, so it was great to set a strong time on SS1 and finish the first test of Rally de Portugal eighth overall. The first four stages today all went well, our only problem being one small spin on SS3. After some jostling for position with the other WRC crews, we were happy to hold onto eighth as we headed into the evening Super Special, SS5. Read More »

‘Hello everyone, Maciek Szczepaniak here, Michał Kościuszko’s co-driver. I’ll be your host for Rally de Portugal and keep you updated on what’s happening with us throughout the event.

‘This is my sixth time at Rally de Portugal and my fifth competing on the event with Michał. It’s a really awesome rally – the Portuguese spectators are always fantastic, the organisation is great and so is the weather (normally!)

‘Of course, the weather last year wasn’t so good and the changeable conditions dominated the rally for many crews. We didn’t compete here in 2012, but even so we’re more aware than ever that we need to be ready for anything. All we can hope is that the conditions on our test tomorrow will be representative of the event itself. Read More »

Mini Mexico13c‘Hello everyone, it’s Jack writing to you for the final time from the Poliforum at Rally México.

‘Today wasn’t a good day. Michał started with high hopes. A Top 10 finish was within reach, especially with everyone needing to navigate the tough 54.85km Guanajuatito test safely. However, this year it was Michał’s turn to fall foul of this difficult stage. Read More »

Mini Mexico13b‘Hello everyone, Jack again. It was even hotter today than yesterday with outside temperatures well above 30 degrees. You can imagine the temperature inside the cars for the crews!

‘Today wasn’t an easy day for Michał. The morning loop went well. Michał wasn’t first on the road in his MINI John Cooper Works Countryman WRC, which was better for him! However, the more aggressive driving style of the driver in front meant that the lines in the road ahead of him were different to those in Michał’s pace notes, so on occasion Michał had to carve his own path. Read More »