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A Veloce Classic Reprint

In 1974, to rave reviews, Porsche produced the 930/911 Turbo to the public and set off on a new road. At the same time, the governing body of motorsport introduced a new “silhouette” formula to sports car racing. Thus the immortal 934 and 935 were born.

This book tells the story of the 911 Turbo and its racing cousins, from the 1974 2.1-liter RSR Turbo Carrera to the tube-framed 750 horsepower final variants of the 935. These are the cars which still bring a gleam of pleasure to any of the drivers lucky enough to have sampled their enormous power and, sometimes, their wayward handling! Read More »


Born in America in the late 1940s, drag racing soon spread across the world, reaching Britain in 1960 when some local hot rod clubs joined forces to form the British Hot Rod Association.

At the same time, Sydney Allard saw drag racing as a new challenge, and began building an American style-dragster in the Allard workshops. Read More »

This new book from Veloce’s ‘Those Were The Days …’ series tells the story of the epic sports car endurance races which were held at Silverstone between 1976 and 1988.

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Lancia Delta 4WD/Integrale

By Graham Robson

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Saab 96 & V4 (Rally Giants Series)

By Graham Robson

The front-wheel-drive Saab 96 made the brand into a rally icon in the 1960s. It succeeded in events as diverse as the Monte Carlo, Britain’s RAC Rally, special stage events in every Scandinavian country, and the rough-and-tough Spa-Sofia-Liége marathon. Read More »

Bluebird CN7 – The inside story of Donald Campbell’s last Land Speed Record car By Donald Stevens

This new book from Veloce Publishing outlines the development, construction and operation of the last wheel-driven land speed record-breaking car that the UK produced, and how the tragic demise of Donald Campbell precluded it from reaching its full potential. It is also the personal story of one of the design team, how he became involved, and his incredible experiences in doing so. Read More »

‘Mr Big Healey’ – The Official Biography of John Chatham
By Norman Burr

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Britains has been a world-leading toy and model manufacturer for nearly 120 years. This book provides reprints of the annual toy models consumer catalogues issued by Britains in the 1970s. It also contains two indices listing all the items shown in the catalogues, complete with the original UK retail prices.

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Sports prototype racing is about endurance, for the drivers, for the teams and for the companies involved. In the story told in these two volumes we see the effort, the blood, the sweat and the tears, reputations won and lost, life and also death.

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The Daily Mirror World Cup Rally 40 – The World’s Toughest Rally in Retrospect
By Graham Robson

Continuing for six weeks, and covering 16,000 miles from London to Mexico City via some of the most varying, tortuous and difficult terrain on three continents, the 1970 World Cup Rally was a unique high-speed event, attracting many serious works teams such as Ford, British Leyland and Citroen. Read More »