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‘Ciao everyone, Bruno again! After a long weekend we’re at the end of Rally de España, the last round of the 2012 World Rally Championship. Another rally done and another good result for WRC Team MINI Portugal. Both our MINI John Cooper Works Countrymen finished safely and with Chris came home a strong seventh, picking up six more WRC points. Read More »

‘G’Day everyone, how you going? Atko here, live from WRC Team MINI Portugal’s Service Area here at Rally de España. We’re at the end of Day Two – the first day on Tarmac – and I’m really glad that both Paulo and I made it through without any dramas. Read More »

‘Hi everyone, Tomo here! I’m reporting to you about WRC Team MINI Portugal’s first day of competition here at Rally de España. It was a tough day due to the unpredictable weather conditions. Unfortunately both Chris and Paulo – like many others – succumbed to the difficult conditions and retired on the afternoon loop. Read More »

‘Hello everyone, My name is MINI John Cooper Works Countryman WRC but here at the WRC Team MINI Portugal I’m known as Maxi II. This name might sound familiar to some of you as my friend Maxi was updating you earlier this season from ADAC Rallye Deutschland. I’ve been asked to report about today’s events here in Spain and I’m very happy about this opportunity. Read More »

‘Ciao everyone, Bruno at WRC Team MINI Portugal here! We’re all set to tackle Rally de España, the final round of this year’s World Rally Championship. It might be the last event on this year’s calendar, but as always we’re approaching it head on with maximum focus! Read More »

‘Yep, it’s Katie at WRC Team MINI Portugal. And this is it – my final press release on the final day of Rally d’Italia.

‘We might have only run two stages totally 16.48km today, but we’ve managed to pack in plenty of excitement! Read More »

‘OK release No. 4 and I’m still Katie, still with WRC Team MINI Portugal and still reporting on Rally d’Italia. Read More »

‘Hello again and if you’re still reading at this point in the week, yes I’m back with more insights into life in WRC Team MINI Portugal at Rally d’Italia.

‘Today’s been a mixed bag. Atko finished the day in fifth, which is undoubtedly great. If he holds the position it would mark the highest gravel finish from a MINI John Cooper Works Countryman WRC this season. Check him out! Read More »

‘Hello again ladies and gents, Katie here and ready to report back on what WRC Team MINI Portugal’s been getting up to so far at Rally d’Italia.

‘Lesson 1: Finding something to say about what you’ve been doing that’s interesting enough for a press release is harder than it looks. Read More »

‘So, hello! My name is Katie and I run Motorsport Italia’s communications. Well, this is novel – being on the other side of the press release lens! After exposing everyone else, it’s now my turn to try and bring Motorsport Italia to life for you.

‘The task is simple – all I need to do is prove that our work is fascinating (and motivating, yes motivating is a good word), the people are unfailingly charming and we have an existence that dreams are made of. No problem, let’s get started right away. Read More »